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Her name is Maria.

I meet her on the train.

She is begging for money.

I tell her I don’t have any cash.

She asks if I can buy her lunch.

“A baguette?” She know a place.

I say “ok”.

Maria tells me she is 25 years old.

She came to Sweden three weeks ago.

From Rumania.

She has two children.

A girl five years old and a boy two years old.

She left them with her mother.

Maria tells me she sleeps in the streets of Stockholm.

She has slippers on her feet.

She shows me her teeth. She needs to see a dentist.

But she dosen’t have any money.

She wants to go back home.

But she dosen’t have any money.

In the store she wants me to buy her a lot of things.

I say we agreed I buy her lunch.

She takes a baguette and points at very expensive salomon.

The same with chicken. “This one”, she says.

“But it is 300 kronor each?” I reply.

I don’t know if she recognize them,

but suddenly she says she will be waiting for me outside, and she leaves the store.

Two minutes later two civil cops turns to me.

Asking if that women was begging from me.

I say “no, or yes, but I will not give her money, but food.”

“Ok good. Because it is forbidden to beg in a store.” One of the cops say.

“Yes but I met her on the train, not in the store.” I say.

The cops smile. “Good of you to help her.”

Maria is waiting for me outside.

She is taking the bag with food.

And we go separate ways.

Of eight billion people in this world.

We just met.

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